Ruby or Sapphire? September 26 2013, 30 Comments

Did you know there are two sapphires in the corundum family (in gemology terms) which are so special they do not have names associated with the word sapphire?

One very well known sapphire is Ruby.

Yes, this is actually a sapphire containing Chromium which gives the gem the red colour. A sapphire with more than 8% Chromium (experienced gemologists can tell from sight as you certainly do NOT want to damage the stone!) is denoted a Ruby and anything less, without the concentration of colour is called a Pink Sapphire. The other is a glorious and rare sapphire called a Pathparascha, which in Sanskrit translates to 'color of the lotus'.

This magnificent gem is a mixture in colour of pink, yellow and orange which I love to refer to as the 'sunset stone'. It is rare, yes it is expensive, but oh the colour!

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