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Engagement Rings,Wedding Bands & Couture jewellery individually designed & handmade by specialised craftsmen in silver,18k white, yellow & rose gold & platinum. 9k & 14k also available upon request.
  • Redesign/remodelling
  • Repairs
  • Resizing

Gift Certificates

Wanting to give a stunning gift but unsure which one to choose? KWJewels Gift Certificates can be posted or emailed to the lucky recipient so they can choose a gorgeous piece of jewellery which is 'just right'. With either a personal appointment to view the entire range or from our website or even discussing having custom designed handmade couture jewellery created….our gift certificates can do it all!
Email us at kwjewels@gmail.com or phone 042 367 5811 to find out how!

Investment Gems

People the world over have invested in gems and jewellery for centuries and whilst this is an accepted 'staple' in many portfolios, it is a new concept for others. The change in the world's financial status has reminded many people of the ever increasing value of gems and gold…but how do you choose?
Look for gems of strong, clear colours, with a minimum of inclusions, well cut and brilliant sparkle. The larger the gem, the higher the value, so an investment gem will generally be over 1 carat in size. When you move it around does it 'talk' to you, dance in the light and take your breath away?

Sri Lanka (nee Ceylon) produces some of the world's most exquisite sapphires from white, yellow, peach, pink, orange, green, brown, purple and blue with all the hues imaginable in between and of course the most amazing and rare Pathparachsa (also known as King Sapphire) and rubies. KWJewels prides itself on obtaining these beautiful gems from the source; nature's bounty available to the connoisseur, investor and jewellery lover alike.

There are many 'processed/treated' sapphires on the market today. Stones that pretend to be something they are certainly not. At KWJewels, you are GUARANTEED our sapphires are natural unheated or heat treated only. Heat treating is an art in itself and has been part of the gem industry for centuries. Regardless, at ALL times you will be told if the sapphire you choose is heated or totally nature's natural gift. Unheated sapphires will always command the highest price as the rare commodity they are.The prices and values will surprise and delight and we are more than happy for you to obtain an independent valuation so you can see this for yourself. You don't need as much money as you think to become a gem investor!
Our on line store stocks only a small number of pieces, so please contact us at kwjewels@gmail.com to arrange an appointment to see our whole range. We look forward to welcoming you!